Therapy Intensives

Sometimes you need something more than weekly therapy. Intensives provide an opportunity to address issues outside of the constraints of a traditional one hour-a-week therapy model. There are a variety of reasons that couples and families might choose to participate in a custom intensive experience, including:

  • Crisis. When couples or families are in crisis, the wait between sessions can often feel interminable, and you may be afraid that more damage will be done before you have a chance to repair. This may include a devastating discovery such as an affair, an addiction, or some other relationship-changing event.  
  • Last-ditch effort. Perhaps you've tried weekly therapy and it hasn't seemed to work. Maybe you are on the edge of divorce or separation, and you're desperate to start the repair process before it's too late.
  • Long distance. Whether you're coming from across the country or across the county, if it's difficult to travel for weekly appointments, an intensive may make sense for you.
  • Eager to dive in. Some couples and families simply like the idea of getting to the heart of things faster!  


Custom Experiences

From a several-day intensives in remote wilderness area to a few hours in the comfort of my Denver office, we'll create a custom intensive designed to fit your schedule, budget, and goals. 

Powerful Transformation

I have found intensives to be incredibly powerful and transformational for my clients. There is something special about carving out an intentional time and space and being able to set aside clocks and allow important experiences and conversations to build and play out in their own time. Clients often report that they have deeper experiences and are more able to access powerful emotion and insight in the intensive context than they are in hour-long sessions. For some, the wilderness setting may further deepen their experience. 


Skilled Facilitation

I have been designing and facilitating intensives for couples and families in a variety of settings since 2011. In addition to the usual skills of a couples and family therapist, facilitating intensives requires creativity, an ability to manage intensity, and a willingness to truly be with my clients in their struggles. 

Learn More

Wondering if a therapy intensive might be right for you? Call or e-mail to find out if you and your partner or family could benefit from an intensive and to learn more about pricing and availability.